photograph by: Nadia Rea Morales

photograph by: Nadia Rea Morales

Denae Shanidiin | Diné

Denae Shanidiin, Diné and Korean artist, is born to the Diné (Navajo) Nation. She is Honágháahnii, One-Walks-Around Clan, born to the Korean race on her Father’s side­. Kinłichíi’nii, the Red House People is her Maternal Grandfather’s Clan and the Bilagáana, White People, is her Paternal Grandfather’s Clan. Denae's personal work involves an intimate investigation of her own Navajo loved ones, primarily focusing on her immediate family through images. She works professionally as a photographer, ceramic artist and sign-maker.

Denae's work responds to her own identity as an Indigenous artist and as a woman. Her work is rooted in the importance for present-day Native Americans to be able to practice and express their religious and spiritual beliefs, as well as living in accordance to various Indigenous philosophies of life. Through her work, she strives to educate non-native people in their awareness to current day Native Issues and the incredible importance of promoting a listening process to the voices and teachings of First Nation and Indigenous intelligence at large.

In her pursuit of photographic documentation she has dedicated her work to the beautiful and quiet power of Indigenous People as the greatest protectors of land, air and water; teaching the public that the most effective way to honor the Earth is to protect and sustain Native Sovereignty and Native Philosophy.



Westminster College Exemplary Achievement Award 2010

Westminster College Dean's Choice Award for Fine Arts 2014

City Weekly's Staff Choice for 1 of 3 Best Photography Exhibits of 2014





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